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Apr 5, 2013 12:00am PDT
. but it was ralph abernathy, his colleague, on thursday before good friday, who gives an incredible version of were you there when the cross of five my lord? and then will you join my disciples martin luther king and ralph abernathy tomorrow? innocence, ralph abernathy was ahead of king because king was faltering -- in a sense, ralph abernathy was ahead of king because king was a faltering profit. he was a very human profit. -- human prophet. ands: i love the back story these prophetic moments in history. but there is even a story on how he got a newspaper. how he gotory of access to a newspaper. >> there is some debate on this . but i found a rare tape of dr. king preaching. it's the first time he addresses a mass meeting after he gets out of birmingham jail. so on april 22, you can hear him delivering a version -- a version of "letter to arming from- "a letter to birmingham jail." they have to bring you breakfast and they have to bring your lunch and they say, reverend, i know what you're talking about and tomorrow i will bring you a paper. >> talk about his reaction when editorial by these white
Apr 6, 2013 8:00am EDT
. that's a pretty good quote. he concluded by asking ralph abernathy, standing in for king, if the civil rights leader supported the treaty, and unsure abernathy responded, they were, quote, with him in spirit, and the room exploded in applause. over the next several hours, you can sense the tension. there is tension here, right? they're not sure what to make of each other, they don't know if this is going to work, right in but so over the next several hours the delegates bond over food, over culture, music played and singing. and a growing realization that they are stronger together than apart. and that more importantly, perhaps, sclc was taking them seriously and took their issues seriously. miles horton, a founder of the highlander folk school which was a training center for civil rights and labor activists going back to the 1930s, after the conference wrote dr. king, quote: i believe we caught a glimpse of the future and the making of a bottom-up coalition. so king was assassinated three weeks after this, after this conference. sparking urban disorders in more than 100 cities across
Apr 30, 2013 6:30pm EDT
abernathy, widow of ralph abernathy, believes her church should stand firm on what she considers sacred ground, where slaves were shipped in a boxcar during the civil war, where historically black colleges spellman and morehouse once held class in the basement. >> the church is a landmark in the community. and it needs to remain there as a landmark. >> reporter: the city's first offer to friendship, nearly ten times its appraised value, about $10 million. the pressure to move is obvious. you see the white top of the georgia dome stadium and how it looms over the churches. the new stadium would sit where that church is now. and over here, there would be a new roadway around the new stadium. the falcons' owner says no one is interested in force says the church off their property and that he will invest millions in the community. atlanta's mayor says he'll accept the church's decision but hopes they'll take the offer. >> and they will be a stronger church, a stronger organization that is more capable because of the millions of dollars that we're going to pay for that church. >> reporter: a
Apr 7, 2013 5:00pm PDT
it or knew it? >> no, we knew it. >> nothing was sacred. young remembers how fellow minister ralph abernathy discovered an fbi bug while speaking at an alabama church. >> he said, look here. he took the microphone out and put it up on top of the pulpit. he said, little doohickey, i want you to tell president johnson, i want you to tell j. edgar hoover, i want you to tell george wallace, i want you to tell everybody. that no matter what they think, we are going to be free. and the whole church just cheered. >> but there were no cheers when fbi surveillance caught dr. king in an embarrassing moment. it was 1964 at the willard hotel in washington, d.c. >> a bunch of guys were in the room clowning, and they were having a very good time. and then it quieted down, and someone was left in the room and was recorded in the act of sexual intercourse. and they assumed it was dr. king. >> the same year at another hotel in los angeles, the fbi recorded dr. king telling a dirty joke about the recently assassinated president john kennedy. hoover sent the tape and transcript to bobby kennedy. the fbi tapes
Apr 21, 2013 2:25am EDT
include the reverend jesse jackson, juanita abernathy, the widow of late civil rights leader ralph aber in a they, reverend joseph lou re, and the nacc -- and the naacp chair. this is two and a half hours. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. i'm reverend davis the coordinator for the national action network. thank you so much. thank you for being here this morning, especially all of you vf been -- who have been here this week. we have had a wonderful time this week and want to thank all of you who came from all over the country to be with us. now we're about to get started on our program, i would like to introduce our founder and president of the national action network, the reverend al sharpton. [applause] >> good morning. good morning. good morning and thank you. welcome to measure the movement, 2013. we are live on 1190 wliv, c- span, and it will run on c-span again during the week, three times, and msnbc. every year at the end of our national convention, we have the leaders of various national civil rights groups join us to talk about what they have done and we have done in the p
Apr 3, 2013 11:00am PDT
, ralph abernat abernathy. newly restored video. this shows james earl ray's return to memphis to face trial for dr. king's assassination. ray was arrested june 8th at london's heathrow airport as he tried to board a flight to brussels. here ray is being red read his rights on the plane to memphis. >>> president obama's just about an hour away from landing in colorado where he will push congress to pass federal gun control laws. the president will meet with officials close to the site of the aurora movie theater massacre. next week, the president will make that same case in connecticut just an hour away from newtown. meantime, here in new york city, gun control from the cities to the suburbs is the topic of the national action network's annual conference in new york. richard lui is there. you spoke with a number of people personally affected by gun violence? >> reporter: yeah, we just finished listening to the immigration reform panel. but the first panel of the day was on that what you just talked about, gun violence. and i had the opportunity to speak with three parents who shared on
Apr 20, 2013 9:55pm EDT
nation, she is the widow of the co-pilot of the civil rights movement, ralph -- reverend ralph davis abernathy, the one and only ms. juanita abernathy. dr. king called them his favorite -- called him his favorite preacher, the pastor emeritus of the baptist church in cleveland and one of the pre-emflent ministers of our history, the -- preeminent ministers of our history, the reverend otis marks jr. one of the leading figures of the civil rights movement who was in the trenches for the last 50 years, unparalleled in black history, honored to have everend c.t. goodyear. and of course the the founder and president of the rainbow push coalition, reverend william augustus jones augustus junior and justice john scott and went on to found operation push, ran for president and has been a guiding force to all of us. our mentor and on this occasion , i put him on that side so he could, for just two hours, the the young man on the podium again. [applause] reverend jeffrey lewis jackson. [applause] don't mess with me, i put you over here and your piano and again. mannd you'll be an old again. [
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)